Late 1700's Dueler Pre-Shaped Stock

Late dueling Pistol Stock

This pattern closely represents a late Dueling pistol, or because of it's size, an over coat pistol. Recently I found some original pistols which were built and used as duelers with a flat slab sided butt such as this, but a little larger. These later period pistols were heavier barreled, and used English locks and mountings.

Our pre-shaped Dueling Pistol stock can be used to recreate this style using barrels 8" and shorter. It is available with standard straight barrel channels in 13/16” or 7/8” with a 5/16" ramrod channel and drilled hole. This stock works best with the L&R Manton lock.

Rods were normally tapered on French and English pistols with a “bell” shaped rod tip. Please ask for a (straight) dowel when you order the rod tip (RRTP5B); we don't carry the dowels already tapered.
See our pistol mountings for a variety of available mountings.
Straight barrels up to 8" only with this pistol.

Note: This is the pistol stock we used to call the Officer's pistol stock.

Standard Specifications
Standard Barrel Sizes 13/16" or 7/8 ”
Ramrod size 5/16" only
Barrel Channel Length 8"
Lock Area 1-5/16” x 6”
Width across Lock Face 1-7/16”
Overall Length 15 inches
Pre-shaped stock with straight barrel & ramrod channel
STPDU413 CM4 Grade Curly Maple with 13/16 barrel channel
STPDU313 CM3 Grade Curly Maple with 13/16 barrel channel
STPDUW13 Walnut with 13/16 barrel channel
STPDU414 CM4 Grade Curly Maple with 7/8 barrel channel
STPDU314 CM3 Grade Curly Maple with 7/8 barrel channel
STPDUW14 Walnut with 7/8 barrel channel
30820 Inlet Lock - Manton or small siler on special order
13520 Lower 5/16 Entry Thimble (Brass)
13560 Upper 5/16 Thimble (Brass)
11530 Sideplate (Brass)
16490 Front Sight
32325 Tiny Rear Pistol Sight
TGP-400-B Trigger Guard
21180 Touch Hole Liner
Pistol Barrels
Order #CaliberSize & StyleLengthThreads
BLP321310O .32 Straight Octagon 13/16" 10" 9/16-18
BLP401312O .40 Straight Octagon 13/16" 12" 5/8-18
BLP451312O .45 Straight Octagon 13/16" 12" 5/8-18
BLP501412O .50 Straight Octagon 7/8" 12" 5/8-18
Fittings & parts
15090 Manton Flintlock
14845 Davis Single-Pull Pistol Trigger
16080 Flared Tang Breech Plug
19630 2 ea, Oval Head 8-32 Lock Screws
16450 1 ea, Tang Screw 8-32
27661 2 ea. Underlug for Pin, Flat Base
16390 1 Pkg of 10 Oval Head #5 Wood Screws
PINSTOCK 1 Pkg of 6 Pieces Pin Stock 1/16”o.d

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