Kentucky Style Pre-Shaped Pistol Stock

Kentyucky Pistol Photo A pre-shaped stock for reproducing a Kentucky styled pistol or a Colonial style known as the Americas in 1750 -1808.

Colonial pistols have been found with a variety of locks from round faced to flat faced English locks, to a more Germanic style flintlock similar to the Siler. Long straight and some shaped pistol barrels with octagon thimbles. Some Kentucky pistols did not have a buttcap, but most did have nosecaps of formed sheet metal. Ramrods were always tapered to pass the forward lock bolt. Single triggers were generally the rule unless they had a set trigger handy.

Specify your intended barrel length.

This pre-shaped stock comes standard with a straight octagon barrel, and is not inlet for lock or triggers. Your barrel length determines large 12 stock or smaller KY stock for up to 10 barrel.

Any barrel length up to 12" is available but you must specify barrel length when ordering so that we can select the correct large or small Kentucky stock.

Standard Specifications
Standard Barrel Sizes13/16" or 7/8 "
Ramrod Size5/16" only
Barrel Channel Length9-1/2" up to 12"
Lock Area1-1/4" x 5-3/4 "
Width across Lock Face1-7/16"
Overall Length15-1/2"
Pre-shaped stock with straight barrel & ramrod channel
30820Inlet Lock - Small Siler
STPKY213CM2 Grade Curly Maple 13/16" barrel
STPKY313CM3 Grade Curly Maple 13/16" barrel
STPKY413CM4 Grade Curly Maple 13/16" barrel
STPKYW13Walnut 13/16" barrel
STPKY214CM2 Grade Curly Maple 7/8" barrel
STPKY314CM3 Grade Curly Maple 7/8" barrel
STPKY414CM4 Grade Curly Maple 7/8" barrel
STPKYW14Walnut 7/8" barrel
TGP-KY-BTriggerguard (Brass)
135605/16" Upper Thimbles (Brass)
135205/16" Lower Thimbles (Brass)
SP-LASM-BSideplate (Brass)
12980Pistol Nosecap (Brass)
16490Front Pistol Sight
11680Wrist Inlay, top (German Silver)
32325Tiny Rear Pistol Sight
21180Touch Hole Liner
Pistol Barrels
Order # Caliber Size & Style Length Threads
BLP321310O .32 Straight Octagon 13/16" 10" 9/16-18
BLP401312O .40 Straight Octagon 13/16" 12" 5/8-18
BLP451312O .45 Straight Octagon 13/16" 12" 5/8-18
BLP501412O .50 Straight Octagon 7/8" 12" 5/8-18
Standard Fittings & Parts
14945DSmall Siler Flintlock
14843Davis Small Pistol Trigger
16080Flared Tang Breech Plug 5/8-18
196502 ea, Oval Head 8-32 Lock Screws
164501 ea, Tang Screw 8-32
276612 ea, 1/2" Long x 1/2" Wide 1/16" milled underlug-pin
163901 Pkg of 10 Oval Head #5 Wood Screws
246301 Pkg of 6 Pieces Pin Stock 1/16”o.d.

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