1690 Fine English Georgian Pistol

From an original Wilson Georgian period English flintlock pistol. A fine example of a fancy pistol which could been owned by the gentry or military officers, circa 1690-1700. 1690/1700 Fine English Georgian Pistol Our pistol stock is available in either superb premium curly maple stock wood, or curly walnut fully inlet for our English style three stepped round smoothbore barrel. Your choice of brass, steel or German silver mountings. Stock is provided shaped and inlet for our 8” stepped round barrel and with ramrod hole & channel.

This stock & mountings is the finest reproduction of an original English period style pistol.

Order a complete kit. Order your barrel, then order the kit with the stock and the metal you wish your mountings (buttplate, triggerguard & thimbles) to be in. Each stock is fully inlet for our 9-3/8” long swamped octagon to round barrel, and with ramrod hole & channel cut, and is available in your choice of premium striped curly maple or figured curly walnut. Mountings are available in your choice of brass, steel or German silver. Kits will include all parts to build one pistol except stains and finishes.

Stains and finishes are also available in our catalog or online.

Individual parts are also available in the catalog. See the parts list below.

Standard Specifications

Barrel Channel Length8"
Lock Area1-1/4” x 5-1/2 ”
Width across Lock Face1-1/2"
Overall Length13-1/2”

The Kit and Barrel

The Kit
  Curly Maple Walnut
Kit in Brass 34507 34501
Kit in German Silver 34508 34502
Kit in Steel 34509 34503

Don't forget to order a barrel!

Pistol Barrel
BLPRS508S .50cal Smoothbore x 8" Swamped Round Stepped with plug
BLPRS548S .54cal Smoorhbore x 8" Swamped Round Stepped with plug
BLPRS628S 20 Ga Smoothbore x 8" Swamped Round Stepped with Plug

Order Individual Parts

Pre-shaped stock with
straight barrel & ramrod channel
34500 SP+ Grade Curly Maple
34505 Walnut
30820 Inlet Lock
30830 Inlet Trigger

34530 Brass English Georgian Triggerguard
34245 Brass English Georgian Buttcap
34560 Brass English Georgian Thimble Set
34575 Brass English Georgian Sideplate
34590 Brass English Georgian Sideplate
34535 Steel English Georgian Triggerguard
34250 Steel English Georgian Buttcap
34565 Steel English Georgian Thimble Set
34580 Steel English Georgian Sideplate
34540 German Silver English Georgian Triggerguard
34255 German Silver English Georgian Buttcap
34570 German Silver English Georgian Thimble Set
34585 German Silver English Georgian Sideplate
34595 erman Silver English Georgian Wrist Inlay

Fittings & Parts
40040 Chambers Small Queen Anne Flintlock
34325 English Dragoon Single Trigger
19626 2 ea. 6-32 x 3/8 Oval Head Lock Screws
16450 1 ea, Tang Screw 8-32
27667 2 ea. 1/2" Underlug Concave Base
34326 Complete tapered and tipped ramrod
16395 1 Pkg of 12 Oval Head #5 Wood Screws
PINSTOCK 1 Pkg of 6 Pieces Pin Stock 1/16”o.d.

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