Emmitsburg School - J. Armstrong

Emmitsburg Photo

This stock exhibits the slender lines and prominent comb of the Emmitsburg School  as seen by professional gunmaker  John Armstrong, born Sept.5, 1772  of  the Emmitsburg, Maryland area. According to records, he spent his entire working life in this area. In the course of this long career he had several apprentices including Nathaniel Rowe in 1837, very late in Armstrong’s working life. He always used the best wood and materials he could possibly obtain and was quite well known for his own style of long, slender rifles in beautiful curly maple with artistic relief carving. Stocks of this school were accentuated by very fine forestock molding and a pronounced comb. Fine carving details at the nose of the comb carry the fine lines of the wrist back to the buttstock, deepening the look of the comb. Inlays were almost exclusively silver. Three piercing patchboxes were quite beautiful and large, covering most of the buttstock, well engraved, and had a round release button in a very long toeplate usually with heart-shaped piercings. Sideplates appear flat, with no beveled edges. Longer than normal ramrod pipes, toeplates and nosecaps were details of this school. Other makers of this school also include: Andrew Kopp, George Krep, Nathaniel Row, and Daniel Marker. This pre-shaped stock comes standard with straight octagon barrel and rod channel with drilled ramrod hole; and is not inlet for lock, triggers or cut for buttplate. Our pattern is in right hand only. Inletting options below for lock, triggers and swamped barrel. Specify barrel size up to 7/8” when ordering. Expect a minimum of two weeks for delivery. Extra inletting takes longer. Beautiful lines! This stock is an excellent choice for taller or longer than normal trigger pulls. If you use a  swamped barrel, a B weight barrel is maximum size and allows for no error in the breech area when fitting. 44” barrel inletting available at extra charge, but please call.

Straight Octagon barrels…...........13/16 or 7/8”
Drilled ramrod hole ...........….....................3/8”
Butt width x height……...…... .1-9/16” x 5-1/4”
Lock area ………….…............1-5/16” x 6-3/8”
Width across the lock face …....................1-1/2”
Drop at the heel ………………...............3-3/4”
Trigger Pulls up to 16”   


31251      P++ Grade Curly Maple
31252      SP Grade Curly Maple
31253      SP+ Grade Curly Maple
31254      Cherry
30820      Inlet Lock (for Siler only)
30830      Inlet Trigger
15975      Inlet Swamped Barrel
14920      Large Siler Flintlock, Polished
14870      Small Davis Double-Set Trigger
19300      13/16" x .45 x 42" G reen Mountain Barrel
16080      Flared Tang Breech Plug 5/8-18
21180      1/4”-28 S.S. Touch Hole Liner – Slot Head
19630      2 ea, Oval Head 8-32 Lock Screws
16450      1 ea, Tang Screw 8-32
27610      4 ea, Slotted Underlugs for Wedges
20560      4 ea, Kentucky-Style Brass Wedges
16380      1 Pkg of 10 Oval Head #3 Wood Screws
16390      1 Pkg of 10 Oval Head #5 Wood Screws
16400      1 Pkg of 10 Oval Head #8 Wood Screws
PINSTOCK      1 Pkg of 6 Pieces Pin Stock 1/16”o.d.
25450      1 Pkg German Silver Nails for Inlays
16795      3/8 Ram Rod w/ 8-32 Brass Tip
17230      Cleaning Jag, .45 Cal. 8-32s
17730      Fouling Scraper .45 Cal. 8-32
14180  Buttplate (Brass)
14550  Triggerguard (Brass)
19770  Thimbles (Brass)
11450  Sideplate (Brass)
12830  Nosecap (Brass - 13/16)
12750  Toeplate (Brass - Long)
10240   Patchbox (Brass)
16500  Front Sight (Silver Blade)
16540  Rear Sight (Early Low)
11680  Wrist Inlay. top (German Silver)
12020  2 Wrist Inlays, sides (German Silver )
11780  Cheek Inlay (German Silver)
11820  6 Forestock Inlays (German Silver)
11720  2 Lower Forestock Inlay (G.S.)